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I receive many phone calls from all over the world asking immigration related questions from A to Z. If I am available, I try to answer them quickly and without compensation, so that you can determine your next legal step and a legal strategy appropriate for your case. Many phone inquires are simple and I try to direct people in the right direction. Some questions become more complex and will require either an office consultation or review of your documents which you can e-mail or fax to me.


The answers to your questions after review of the documents can be provided via e-mail or telephone call so I encourage e-mail because I can answer it quicker and more completely.

However, if you have limited access to e-mail and can not reach me personally by telephone at the time of your call, please leave your phone number (please repeat it twice) and nature of your question and I will call you back within a short period of time that day or, in the worst case scenario, within 24 hours of your call.


Many simple questions can be answered by an e-mail. Many complex cases require an all my office consultation who needs to see the documents and spend an appropriate amount of time talking to a prospective client and advising him or her of their legal options. If you can not make it to my office in Copenhagen City, but still to have me review your case personally and tell you my opinion then feel free to use this e-consultation procedure. In itself it does not create an attorney - client relationship between us but provides you with an opportunity to receive concrete answer to your dilemma based on deeper research, time and analysis of your case or facts.